Mesmerize yourself in the Beauty of Kodaikanal

Country Club Vacation KodaikanalThis summer vacation; travel to Kodaikanal a lush and pristine hill station lying in the midst of nature. Reviving greenery, beautiful landscapes, a sparkling lake and a heap of tourist spots give this interesting town an unmistakable emanation. Its windy climes offer the ideal summer getaway.

Country Club Kodaikanal offers luxurious hospitality amenities and family vacation services. Unwind amid spectacular cloud cover, stay in luxurious cottages integrated with panoramic windows, and dine in open-air restaurant with stunning views. Create unforgettable memories in this summer holiday by booking with Country Club.

Kodai is best experienced from the Country Club Kodiakanal, the heaven on earth. Escape the mundane, and head straight to the most sought after hill station in Tamil Nadu, the charming Kodaikanal! Stroll among mighty pine valleys, go boating on pristine lakes, get soaked in waterfalls, explore mysterious caves, hike numerous trekking trails, buy homemade chocolates, scale lofty peaks and be enticed by the uninterrupted views of infinite greenery.

Indulge in a bouquet of Indoor and outdoor activities at the country club to enjoy life to the fullest. The well appointed and spacious rooms, suites, and charming cottages at the country vacation will pamper you and the family with every conceivable five star indulgence.

Experience the epitome of fine dinning at country club restaurant. Chat over coffee or nurse a refreshing cocktail at the end of the day. Become a member of Country Club to avail best deals and offers wherever you go this summer.


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