Carrom Championship held at Country Club

Carrom at Country Club India

Country Club India always keeps in mind the needs of its members and engages them in various recreational activities. Country Club Vacation is always striving to provide the best ways of entertainment for their members. Along with fun and frolic it also sees to it that its members also enjoy activities related to physical fitness and sports.

Country Club India believes and promotes in sports fitness and sportsmanship respectively. Hence to keep the sports spirit high in its members Country Club Jade Resorts ECR had organized ‘CARROM CHAMPIONSHIP at Country Vacation’ on Sunday 21st June, 2015.

The game of carrom is believed to have originated from the Indian subcontinent. It is believed that carrom was invented by the Indian Maharajas. It became very popular among the masses particularly. State level competitions were being held in different States of India during early part of the nineteenth century. Carrom is very commonly played by families, including the children, and at social functions. Different standards and rules exist in different areas.

Many of the Country Vacation members joined to Carrom Championship to win the ‘CHAMPION’ title at Country Club Jade Resorts ECR, Chennai. It started at 11 am, many of the country club members came with their friends and families to win the game and their families and friends cheered them up which become interesting and excitement Sunday for them.


Mind Boggling Quiz at Country Club India

Mind Boggling Quiz Country Club India

Country Club India is a pioneer in the concept of offering 360° leisure hospitality and membership services in India. Country Club speciality services include member-exclusive clubbing hubs, splendid holiday destinations, trendy fitness centers and star-studded entertainment events. Country Club India always tops the list in providing best facilities to its members as well as organizing various fun filled events.

Want to make your lazy Saturday a knowledgeable one? Visit Country Club and see which event has been organized this weekend.

Quizzes are usually the platform where you get to portray your swiftness in answering tricky questions in addition to brushing-up your general knowledge and gaining insight on the events and happenings in your surroundings. Country Club, Yelahanka Road brings one such opportunity and platform to flaunt and portray skills by organizing the event ‘QUIZ COMPETITION FOR FAMILY’ for its members.

Give a break to your stressful mind and be there at Country Club, Yelahanka Road to do some brain exercise. Country Club Hotel, Yelahanka Road invites everyone to QUIZ COMPETITION FOR FAMILY on Saturday, June 20, 2015. The member entry is free and the event starts from noon onwards. If you want to enjoy a game of Quiz, all you have to do is come to Country Club, Yelahanka Road and showcase your general knowledge skills. Food and beverages are chargeable. For more details contact: 9164349933.

Country Club India – ANTAKSHARI Evening

Antakshari at  Country Club India

Country Club India is the most preferred vacation destination all over India. Being a part of Country Club gives you the ultimate clubbing experience. Country Club is dubbed as the ‘Powerhouse of Entertainment’. So Country Club India keeps organizing several different and innovative entertainment events for its members.

Always wanted to be the voice of the heroines in the films who danced and strolled in the rose and tulip fields? Country Club brings to you this desired opportunity to sing out loud at its musical evening event of ‘Antakshari ‘. Sing the best songs in your beautiful voice and be the SINGING STAR of the evening.

So be there at Country Club Jade Resorts ECR from 7.00 pm onwards to enjoy the best musical evening ever. As well as also get your guest for such a mesmerizing event. Members Entry Free. For more details contact: 044-37470800 /9282552888.

Country Club Vacation – A Day Spent Country Side

Country Club CoimbatoreCountry Club India Vacation is known for its services which provides its members an ultimate clubbing experience to and makes sure that they keep enjoying. Country Club India has always been bringing new and innovative events for its members to have a good time with their families and some rest form their fast running daily schedules.

The best way to sooth and clam ourselves is by visiting or by taking a break or short trip out of the city i.e. country side or in a village. Village life is much clamed and slow and peaceful as compared to our busy metropolitan city lives. So here is a best way to experience and to feel the village life closely at the ‘VILLAGE FESTIVAL’ organized at The Country Club Resorts Coimbatore.

Be there at The Country Club Resorts Coimbatore this Sunday i.e. on the June 7th, from the morning 11 am onwards and get to enjoy the true blue village life and its myriad colorful traditions and cuisine, lifestyle and etc. Food and Beverages are Chargeable. For more details contact: 9943354001/9943354045. Member Entry is free.