Come to Country Club for a Candle Light Date with Your Beloved

Candle Light Dinner, Country Club India

Country Club invites everyone to attend ‘Candle light dinner & movie screen’ and celebrate with your loved one. Far away from the trauma and anxiety of the everyday life if you want to experience some quality time with your beloved then Country Club is the most suitable for you. It is the best way to express your love. Come to Country Club for a once in a lifetime experience and witness the amazing services by the Country Club staff.

Enjoy popular movies that will be screened along with world class food and drinks at Country Club jade Resort ECR in Chennai on the 6th of September 2014. Entry for both members and non members is free. A day anyone can enjoy by coming along with their partners and loved ones. Don’t miss a chance to spend some great moments with people you love and cherish it for the rest of your life.


Country Club the Best Among its Competitors

Country Club Competitors, Country Club India

Country Club has endless vacation options that are most suited for all families across India. With the best scenic views and attractive locations Country Club properties are worth visiting. Not only the infrastructure at Country Club India is world class but also their services are unmatched. Country Club members are lucky to experience all the services offered by them that are not available at other Clubs of this kind.

Country Club Vacation comes up with vacation packages for families that can be enjoyed thoroughly and leaves an everlasting memory on your mind. While at our vacation we have had many such moments that we are going to cherish all our lives. Apart from this the food at Country Club is to die for. Some of the best dishes that I have ever had at a restaurant or a club. Moreover, our children enjoy most at Country Club India Vacation.

Country Club Bringing About a Revolution in Clubbing Experience in India

Country Club Vacation, Country Club India


People are becoming more and more occupied with work these days which causes rise in stress in their lives. Amidst all this stress and anxiety all we need is a little recreation and relaxation that will help us cope with the increasing stress. Country Club has a huge role to play here as it offers amazing clubbing experience to its members. Country Club India is surely revolutionizing the entire clubbing experience as they are offering one of a kind clubbing experience.

Country Club Vacation is the best place to visit if you are also suffering from a life that is stressed up with work load and pressure. As Country Club is renowned club in India and abroad it is a pleasure to be a member with them. Not only does a Country Club Vacation membership entitle you to enjoy amazing facilities it also provides you with the ultimate clubbing experience that you will not experience elsewhere.

A Name that India Trusts: Country Club India

Country Club Vacation India, Country Club

Country Club has become synonymous with vacations these days as whenever we think of vacations, Country Club Comes to our mind because it is the best place to visit for vacations. The most beautiful properties of Country Club make it the best option to visit with family and friends. Not only are their services the finest but their staff is also the friendliest.

Country Club India has become a household name that everyone can trust. Country Club is a favourite among kids and adults who love to have fun and relax. Country Club membership is very easy to attain and once a member at Country Club you are sure to enjoy your experience with them. Country Club is also denoted with trust and they value their relation with their members.

Country Club Mysore Royalty Redefined

Mysore Country Club India

Mysore, the largest city of Karnataka is also called the ‘cultural capital of Karnataka’ is truly a pleasure to visit, especially if you are a member at Country Club. Mysore is known among tourists for offering several attractions like scenic spots, temples, pilgrimage centers to name a few. Country Club Mysore,  India has its own charm that attracts people from all over India to visit it.

Country Club Mysore once visited will have an ever lasting impact on you because of its royalty and grandeur. It has several grand heritage monuments including famed Mysore Palace, Jaganmohana Palace, Jayalakshmi Vilas Palace and Lalitha Mahal Palace. Other must visit tourist attractions for Country Club India members in Mysore are Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills, St. Philomena’s Church, Indian Rail Museum and Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens. It is the perfect vacation destination for you and your family. A place where you can just relax and have fun at the same time without having to worry about other things.

Country Club Building Relationships Based on Trust

Country Club India. Country Club

Country Club known worldwide has now become a household name which everyone trusts. It is a place where you can safely trust to go with your family and relax. Country Club has its properties in prime locations all over which makes it most accessible and that is the reason why its members chose it over others. Country Club Vacation has built a very strong bond with their members which is a great achievement in itself.

Country Club India Vacation aims to please its members in all ways possible and that is the reason why they come up with amazing membership offers that everyone can avail and enjoy the benefits of. Being a member at Country Club India entitles you to its world class services and amenities. Country Club has everything that is needed for a perfect vacation, from good restaurants to health clubs to swimming pools and spa you name it and they have it for their members.

Country Club for all Those Who Live to Eat

Country Club Food, Country Club India

“One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.” This is quite an appropriate saying which goes on to describe the importance of good food in our lives. Country Club realizes this and comes up with the best offering for its members when it comes to restaurants and cuisines over the world. Country Club India Vacation spoils its members for choice by presenting them with the most sumptuous spread and some of the best dishes in their restaurants.

If your love for food makes you try different delicacies every time then Country Club is the place to be where you get almost all varieties of food prepared by the most renowned chefs. Along with the ultimate clubbing experience Country Club India, provides you with the ultimate food options that will simply take your heart away.