Benefits of Country Club Vacation Membership

Country Club Vacation India Membership

The Country Club membership builds some of the best memories for a family and is a must have membership for all families. We also offers easy EMI payments and has a tie up with all major banks. Our membership includes access to all Country Club’s and Country Club Fitness across the globe.

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Drawing & Colouring For Kids at Country Club Fitness Abudhabi

Drawing at Country Club India

The place for children to learn to “Drawing & Colouring” with Country Club. Come visit Country Club Abudhabi and learn to Draw & Colour the easy way.

Learn more about Country Club Fitness Abudhabi

An abode of health, nutrition and muscles, the Country Club Fitness is where you go to build-up physical endurance, strength, flexibility and bodily balance. Situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi, it offers variety of imported equipments, well qualified trainers and an assortment of workout facilities.

A twin health hub under one roof, the Country Club Fitness at Abu Dhabi has separate gym, shower and chaining rooms for each gender. A large cardio section, huge strength training area, Zumba and Pilates training sessions are the star attractions at this trendy fitness centre.

You are welcome to walk-in and start your long awaited workout regime!

Country Club Fitness In Muscat

Country Club Fitness in MuscatCountry Club takes fitness to a different level altogether with their new fitness club opening in Muscat, the 3rd Middle East city. It is rightly said that, “health is wealth” and if you wish to live long then you should keep fit. Country Club India also believes in good health for all its members and this is the reason why they are coming up with such fitness clubs all over. Always known for taking care of its members and their health, Country Club happens to initiate a new trend in this fitness field. Country Club wants everyone to realize the worth of good health as it is not only for you but also your family.

County Club membership entitles you the access to its Clubs all over and also the chance to avail the various other services that they have to offer. It is on every individual to understand the significance of your health and the effect it can have on your family members. Country Club India membership entitles you to be a part of this family and enjoy good health forever.