Drawing & Colouring For Kids at Country Club Fitness Abudhabi

Drawing at Country Club India

The place for children to learn to “Drawing & Colouring” with Country Club. Come visit Country Club Abudhabi and learn to Draw & Colour the easy way.

Learn more about Country Club Fitness Abudhabi

An abode of health, nutrition and muscles, the Country Club Fitness is where you go to build-up physical endurance, strength, flexibility and bodily balance. Situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi, it offers variety of imported equipments, well qualified trainers and an assortment of workout facilities.

A twin health hub under one roof, the Country Club Fitness at Abu Dhabi has separate gym, shower and chaining rooms for each gender. A large cardio section, huge strength training area, Zumba and Pilates training sessions are the star attractions at this trendy fitness centre.

You are welcome to walk-in and start your long awaited workout regime!