Lohari At Country Club Kool Undri Pune


Established across 186 locations in the country, Country Club India is the largest chain of family clubs. Known as the hub of entertainment, it regularly organizes various innovative entertainment events and celebrates diverse national and international festivals across every destination.

Country Club Vacation India specializes in offering accessible and affordable clubbing to families. It is equipped with vital facilities such as health clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, business center and swimming pool.

One of the main USPs of Country Club Vacation India is to provide its members with innovative family holiday packages and star-studded entertainment events.

Keeping up with its reputation, Country Club Kool Undri is hosting Lohari  for its members. Winter is at the end and the harvesting of rabi crops will began soon. So experience an amazing time with your loved ones and bring out the smile on their face! Hurry up and book now!

Food & Beverages are chargeable. Limited seats only.


Details for Lohari:
Time: 08:30 PM
Date: 13th January 2016
Member Entry Charges: Free
Guest Entry Charges: Free
Location: Country Club Kool Undri, Pune
Contact: 020 26804831 / 32 / 33 / 34


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