Make Your Educational Tour Most Memorable: Choose Country Club India

Country Club India

Education is not only confined to books and learning through various media these days. Immaculate conception of a subject can actually occur, when we add some practical experiences to our study.  Travelling is thus a very important part of education. So, are you planning an educational trip with your family or group of friends? Country Club is a one-stop travelling destination that caters to all your needs of planning an educational trip in a hassle-free, convenient and economical way!

Planning an educational tour could be a challenge in terms of identifying places that could add value and information to your learning, booking accommodation and deciding on the mode of transport that is most economical and convenient for visiting a set of places. Moreover, if you plan to take your family on a vacation across India, it is difficult to manage, as ages and interest may differ.  Country Club India has lucrative packages and plans that can help address all these concerns. Moreover, our dedicated team of executives can suggest you some interesting places to visit for educational purpose like historical monuments, museums, farms, sanctuaries, zoological gardens and many more.

Our tour packages can add much more value to your travelling experience, which one would not gain by visiting those routine places like water parks, resorts and cinemas. For instance, we recommend places like the Taj Mahal, a wonder of the world and its iconic structures lures tourists from all corners of the globe. It is actually a tomb that was constructed by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his deceased wife. Another popular destination in our plan are the Ajanta and Ellora caves that are beautifully carved into rocks of hillsides with the use of only chisels and hammers. Fatehpur Sikri city is another such destination that was built during Mughal regime in India in 16th century. It was made with red sandstones and inundated with regal courtyards and mansions.

Country Club’s tour plans consist of such places of high tourist interest and educational value.  Moreover, we have the largest network of hotels and resorts across India and we provide state-of-the-art  facilities to our members and guests. So choose, Country Club Vacation  for a hassle-free and comfortable touring experience!


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