Family Time at Country Club Valley Vista Kodaikanal

Country Club Valley Vista Kodaikanal

Once in a while it feels great to take some time out from your busy routine and spend it with your family. However, for those of us who find themselves tangled in a tight work schedule, quality time with family is hard to come by.

This is where you guys come in. Last week, Country Club Valley Vista Kodaikanal, organized a fun outing for its members. It could not have come at a better time.

The activities were well plotted and bifurcated for elders and children. Painting competition for kids, musical chair and dance-off were some of the most enjoyed activities.

The activities were arranged in the banquet hall that provided spacious room for kids to move around. The staff was extremely cooperative and courteous. Manager of the club personally ensured that there were no discrepancies during the event.

The food served was delicious and incomparable. The service provided by the team at Country Club Valley Vista Kodaikanal is impeccable.

On behalf of all those present at the event, I would like to thank your staff for their timely and thoughtful event.

I would certainly like to be a part of these events in the future. Please give our best regards to the entire team.


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