Country Club Vacation – A Day Spent Country Side

Country Club CoimbatoreCountry Club India Vacation is known for its services which provides its members an ultimate clubbing experience to and makes sure that they keep enjoying. Country Club India has always been bringing new and innovative events for its members to have a good time with their families and some rest form their fast running daily schedules.

The best way to sooth and clam ourselves is by visiting or by taking a break or short trip out of the city i.e. country side or in a village. Village life is much clamed and slow and peaceful as compared to our busy metropolitan city lives. So here is a best way to experience and to feel the village life closely at the ‘VILLAGE FESTIVAL’ organized at The Country Club Resorts Coimbatore.

Be there at The Country Club Resorts Coimbatore this Sunday i.e. on the June 7th, from the morning 11 am onwards and get to enjoy the true blue village life and its myriad colorful traditions and cuisine, lifestyle and etc. Food and Beverages are Chargeable. For more details contact: 9943354001/9943354045. Member Entry is free.


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