Have a Magical Afternoon at Country Club India

Magic Show at Country Club IndiaCountry Club India is the most preferred vacation partner for families. Country Club is dubbed as the ‘Powerhouse of Entertainment’ as they keep organizing several different and innovative entertainment events for their members.

Magic shows are always liked and enjoyed by all age groups, be it the eldest or the youngest member of the family. Everyone is equally amused to see the illusionary tricks performed by the magician. Be it entangling several rings in each other, juggling bottles or making a pigeon out of an egg.

Treat your child this summer vacations by bringing them over for ‘The Magic and Mimicry Show’, at The Country Club Yelahanka Road, Bangalore and let your kiddo love you more for the same.

This weekend enjoy ‘The Magic and Mimicry Show’ with your family and relish the mouth watering delicacies at The Country Club Yelahanka Road, Bangalore 4 pm onwards. Only members allowed for the event. The Food and beverages are chargeable. For more details contact: 09164349933.


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