Country Club Kodaikanal, a Place Next to Heaven

Kodaikanal, Country Club

Kodaikanal, a beautiful hill station situated in South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is a delight to visit. Country Club Kodaikanal is an ideal vacation destination for all families because of its picturesque view and world class services. Known for its subtropical climatic conditions throughout the year Country Club Kodaikanal offers an experience that is hard to describe. With activities like boating in lakes, cycling and horse riding by the lake, waterfall visits, and majestic viewpoints Country Club India is a treat to you and your family.

Some famous viewpoints that Country Club is famous for are, Pillar Rocks, Dolphin’s Nose and Green Valley. If you are adventurist then Country Club has just the right thing for you, Kodaikanal is a major trekking destination that offers numerous marked scenic routes around the region. The trekking guides at Country Club are the best who provide you with all the necessary details and insights regarding your trip.


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